AgileTrek Symposiums

What is AgileTrek?

AgileTrek advances the use of Agile as a proven method for delivering quality software to market. Eleven years ago, the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was written by seventeen software development practitioners to define a better ways to developing software.

Many organizations have fully adopted Agile software development, other organizations are just beginning their transformation, and some organizations are new to Agile principles and practices. No matter where you are in your journey, AgileTrek provides an open exchange for sharing experiences and learning proven agile methods.

AgileTrek is a forum presented by QAI Global Institute for:

How can you participate?

AgileTrek offers a range of opportunities for individuals and organizations to contribute. Symposium registration offers attendees full access to a range of presentations, workshops, and forums. Individuals are also encouraged to submit session proposals during the AgileTrek Call for Presentations. Select sponsorship opportunities are available for organizations.

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